Flange facing made easy

minifacer voorminifacer achterMany applications can only be implemented when a specific machine has been built.

For in line boring a weld at a depth of 4 m in a 82 cm tube there is no purpose built machine on the market.

To cope with this kind of situations, we can rely on our team to find a practical solution, from design to product.

A fine example of a purpose built machine is the LMC Mini Facer ™®©.

Download this file (2014_lmc_minifacer_manual_eng.pdf)LMC Mini-Facer ™®©[Manual]801 kB
Access this URL (http://www.lenmatec.be/code/attachments/article/0/lmc_minifacer_techdata.pdf)LMC Mini-Facer ™®©[Technical Data Sheet]2068 kB


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